Messiah in Pesach Chapter 33

  1. Nirtzah
  2. The Blessing

#14. Nirtzah:

Concluding the Seder (Acceptance). Having carried out the Seder service properly, we have confidence that it has been well received by our heavnely Father. We then put down our Haggadahs and all shout out, “Leshanah haba’ah bi-yerushalayim,” Next year in Jerusalem.” Conclusion of the Seder. The Seder Leader calls out Nirtzah. The Passover Seder is now complete. “Next year in Jerusalem.” It is our hope that one day soon we will enjoy fellowship together with the Messiah Himself in His coming kingdom. It is the time when we spend the rest of the evening singing beautiful Seder songs and enjoying one another’s company. Then when we are ready to depart, we say to one another: “May the L-rd, the G-d of Israel bless you, keep you, and shine His face upon you.” Amen.

The Blessing:

“Adonai bless you (בָּרַךְ-barak), and keep you (שָׁמַר-shamar), place a hedge around you, protect you. Adonai make His face shine (אוֹר-ore) continuously like the brightness of the sun on you. And be gracious (חָנַן-chanan), kind, generous, merciful to you. Adonai lift up His countenance (פָּנִים-panayim), face, Presence, sight on you. And give (שׂוּם-suwn), assign, bring about, charge, set, establish you [in] health, security, tranquility, welfare, comfort and peace (שָׁלוֹם-shalom).”

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