Messiah in Chag HaMatzot Chapter 5

  1. Embracing His Life
  2. Putting away the yetzer ha-ra

Embracing His Life:

We glorify the HaShem (the NAME) by being disciples in His Word (D’var HaShem). Those who truly hear, understand, and obey our heavenly Father obey His Word. We must remove the chametz of malice and wickedness by rejecting our own Self-life (Cult of Me) and embracing the Life of God. We must replace the chametz of pleasing self (self-gratification) with the unleavened bread of a sincere commitment to pleasing our Father through obeying His Truth—-His Word is Truth (Emet).

Putting away the yetzer ha-ra:

We are to undergo our own inward bedikat chametz by becoming a “new lump.” Since the Messiah has been sacrificed as our Passover Lamb (קרבן פסח-the Korban Pesach), we are a new creation made “unleavened” by the transforming power of the Spirit of Grace (רוח החסד) and the Spirit of Truth (רוח האמת). Therefore we are to put away the yetzer ha-ra (old nature) and completely purge from our lives the old leaven of the world system that inwardly makes us weak, sick, and waste away (cf. article, “Messiah in Shavuot,” Chapter 8, a midrash on the Story of Ruth).

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