Messiah in Chanukkah Chapter 18

  1. All the nations exist under the absolute authority of Adonai Elohim
  2. The Holy Spirit liberates us from the lies that bind us
  3. The need for an organized resistance

All the nations exist under the absolute authority of Adonai Elohim:

Followers of the True Messiah are concerned when society idolatrously projects itself upon the human populace as if it was a substitute for the truth of the Holy One. Society is not truth. The D’var HaShem is truth. All governments are servants of Adonai Elohim (the Eternal One; i.e. Elohei Kedem) and therefore are subject to His authority. It is biblical truth to assert the belief, “one nation under Avinu Shebashamayim” (our Father in heaven). It is also true that all nations exist under the authority of Adonai Elohim (the LORD God). Adonai is the King of Israel and the King of all Nations (Melekh HaGoyim).

Pronouncement #1.  It was the Mashiach, sent by Adonai, who admonished believers to beware of “the leaven of the Prushim” (the hypocrisies of the Jewish religious leaders; for that matter all religious leaders).

Pronouncement #2.  It was the the Mashiach who chided the religious and political leaders of His day with, “the Shabbat was made for man and not man for the Shabbat.”

Pronouncement #3.  It was the Mashiach who warned His disciples against following the traditions of men and not the written will (the D’var HaShem) of the heavenly Father.

Oppression, therefore, always inevitably results when: institutions of all sorts, both private and public, grant themselves truth-conferring powers and then begin to oppress people by forcing them to blindly believe in their contrived traditions of men (their will); instead of believing in and obeying the will of the heavenly Father (i.e. through the inerrant truth of His Word and the indwelling Presence of His Spirit of Grace and Truth).

The Holy Spirit liberates us from the lies that bind us:

True Liberation requires consciousness raising and spiritual illumination. When people exercise their Elohim-given ability to think critically they can, through the help of the Spirit of Truth (the Holy Spirit), begin to break free from the oppressive assumptions and beliefs that bind them. Therefore, the liberating desire of the Holy Spirit is to free people from the bondage of their unsatisfying, impoverished, oppressive, meaningless, dead-ended life-stories. It is man’s “false belief” that he is not a sinner in need of a Savior that is leading fallen humanity into an inevitable state of eternal judgment. It is Elohim’s plan to permanently edit out sin from the lives of saved humanity (by Yeshua’s sacrifice on the accursed tree) and replace that sin with the perfect indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Like the Chanukkah narrative this requires an “Organized Resistance.” False, oppressive beliefs must first be aggressively opposed by the true liberating doctrine of Adonai’s Word. This can only be accomplished through the convicting ministry of the Holy Spirit. Only then can oppressed persons prevail against Satan’s assaults on their high value before Elohim and His high born purpose for our lives.

The need for an organized resistance:

The True and Righteous Witness (Ed HaEmet v’haTzedek) said that those who were disciples in His Word would “know the truth and the truth would set them at liberty.” The Deliverer (HaPalat) said He had come “to set at liberty those who are oppressed.” The Savior of the World (Moshia HaOlam) did not come to load on humanity burdens that are “grievous to bear.” Therefore, the disciples of the Light of the World (Or Ha’Olam) observe a Chanukkah that liberates people through the illumination that the Spirit of Truth brings. Like the Chanukkah story, this occurs only after the oppressive governance of sin and idolatry are aggressively overthrown in a person’s life (cf. the article, “Messiah in Purim”). This overthrow of man’s oppressive sin nature requires that genuine repentance and faith be exercised in the Messiah as one’s Savior (Moshia) and Lord (Ha-Adon). Faith in the rule of Messiah is Adonai Elohim’s only effective means of permanently overthrowing the reign of man’s idols and sins.

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