Messiah in Chanukkah Chapter 20

  1. Messiah ben Ha-Elohim who does the miraculous works of the Father
  2. The Light of the World was conceived at Chanukkah
  3. Messiah is Adonai Elohim’s Light for everyone coming into the world
  4. Wisdom issues out of the Holy Spirit being the Lord of your life
  5. The Road to Wisdom and Maturity
  6. Wisdom is an outcome of Adonai’s Consciousness alone
  7. Messiah is the Light of the World and the Tree of Life

Messiah ben Ha-Elohim who does the miraculous works of the Father:

From this context the reader is drawn into the central meaning of Chanukkah, when the Messiah our Tzaddik (Righteous One) asserts that He should be recognized as being the Son of Elohim (Elohim in human form). This is readily apparent because He does the miraculous works of the Father. Here we learn that the Savior of all Humankind (HaMoshia l’chol Adam) and the heavenly Father are eternally One. The Father sets His Own Seal upon His Son (the abiding presence of His Spirit forever), “on Him God the Father has placed His seal.” Due to the sinless nature of the Messiah this seal is Unbreakable. Those who are believers in the Son of the Living Elohim (ben Elohim Chayim) possess the unbreakable seal of the true High Priest, the Messiah. We are saved by grace through placing our trust in the Messiah of Israel, who is the Light of the World. Thereafter, our sins are removed (cleansed) from within us and are replaced with the righteousness of the Messiah through our permanently receiving the Gift of the Indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Light of the World was conceived at Chanukkah:

The arrival to earth of Adonai (the LORD) cloaked in human form was not a birth event, but a conception event. Announced by Gabriel, the Messiah arrived in the Jewess Mary’s womb, “inside the temple.” Like many important life events this incredible event was at first largely unnoticed. Throughout Mary’s pregnancy only a few other persons were aware of the Divine visitation. Ordinary life is like that. Great events occur in peoples’ lives, yet they fail to consciously grasp the significance of these Divinely appointed events. The reality is Adonai Elohim indwells the temple of every believer. Yet most of Messiah’s followers are unaware of the awesome magnitude of wisdom and virtue that has been gifted to them (like little children these persons lack conscious awareness of how truly wondrous their Righteous Father truly is).

Messiah is Adonai Elohim’s Light for everyone coming into the world:

Therefore, those who believe in the Messiah Yeshua have received the true light, “which gives light to every person coming into the world;” in Him is life and this life is the “light of men.” It is the responsibility of every follower of the Messiah to thoroughly understand and bear witness to the Light of the World (the Salvation of Adonai) who lives within them. The Messiah’s disciples need to consciously be aware that He has not only taken up residence in the Holy of Holies (spirit), Holy Place (mind), and Treasure House (soul) of our inner, spiritual being but He also should be regally walking about (as Lord) in the “everyday” courtyards of our physical existence (body-brain-behavior).

Wisdom issues out of the Holy Spirit being the Lord of your life:

In narrative terms, the followers of  the Messiah of the Almighty (Mashiach HaElohim) should be about the business of helping each other to move from the experience of spiritual conception (immaturity), to the mature landscape of a fruitful spiritual, mental, emotional, behavioral, and relational awareness (full obedience). The Spirit of Holiness must become the Lord of all of our life and not just the Lord of the hidden (unconscious), invisible recesses of our inner spirits. We must help one another in this endeavor because the love language of man to the heavenly Father is obedience, gratitude and praise. This requires that Adonai become the all-encompassing focus of every believer’s conscious and behavioral life.

The Road to Maturity and Wisdom:

Adonai Elohim deserves our constant full attention. The road to maturity and wisdom requires a high degree of individual determination and effort that comes only by being continuously attentive to the awesome work of grace that lies within us (the Divine gift of the gracious, unmerited, abiding Presence of the Spirit of Holiness). It was the Messiah, the Word of Life (D’var HaChayim), who individualized our sanctification response when He exhorted His disciples: “Keep asking, and it will be given you; keep seeking and you will find; keep knocking and [the door] will be open to you.” It was the Messiah, the Wisdom of Adonai (Chokhmat Adonai) who said: “No man shall lead you, but the Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you into all truth.” Therefore, as legitimate followers of the Tzaddik (Righteous One) we must choose to live substantive lives that are full of a sincere search for and discovery of Adonai Elohim in the every day courtyards of our lives.

Wisdom is an outcome of Adonai’s Consciousness alone:

Chanukkah teaches us that meaning and wisdom are outcomes of the exercise of Adonai Elohim’s consciousness alone. The source and possessor of all meaning and wisdom is the Spirit of Holiness. Man creates nothing of his own. Messiah Yeshua said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…apart from me you can do nothing.” [Therefore, we are completely dependent on the Eternal One and His Word for our intellectual and relational subsistence.]

Messiah is the Light of the World and the Tree of Life:

True wisdom does not dwell in a process, technique, or methodology; nor is wisdom a commodity that can be acquired through exceptional human experience or intelligence: Wisdom is a Person! Messiah is “the Power of Adonai and the Wisdom of Adonai.”

The golden lamp stand in the temple is prophesied about in Isaiah 11:1-2. Isaiah’s vision of the golden lamp stand describes the temple menorah as being a Living Person. Isaiah describes the Messiah as possessing seven very special characteristics:

“Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse, and a branch from his roots will bear fruit. And the Spirit of Adonai will rest on Him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and strength, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of Adonai. And He will delight in the fear of Adonai, and He will not judge by what His eyes see, nor make a decision by what His ears hear; but with righteousness He will judge.” (Isaiah 11:1-4a).

Remarkably, when persons repent of their sins (separate themselves from their sin-saturated stories) and put their faith in the Messiah of Adonai, they literally receive the Indwelling Presence of the Spirit of Adonai (and this through no good works of their own; other than believing in the immeasurable generosity, graciousness, and goodness of the Holy One, blessed be He). Through our exercising faith in the Anointed One sent by our Father in heaven we permanently receive the gift of the Person of the heavenly Father’s own Spirit into our spirit.

Therefore, immediately following our profession of faith in Adonai’s Beloved Son the Person of the Spirit of Holiness indwells us forever. In Indwelling the believing person, the Holy Spirit continuously imparts to us His wisdom, His virtue and His relational life so that one day (if we persevere) His consciousness begins to become a part of our conscious and behavioral life.

The words “if we persevere” do not mean that some believers (Indwelt by the Holy Spirit) on the day of resurrection will be received into the eternal joy of permanently dwelling in our Father in heaven’s Presence (those who persevere) and others will not. We are all equally delivered from sin by the graciousness of Adonai and we shall all be equally blessed in eternity by the full measure of His wondrous gift of Salvation.

Nevertheless, what of the opportunities to know our Beloved in this our present temporal life, as well as the life to come? Like selfish and foolish children, will we ignore the fantastic privilege and opportunity of intimately knowing the Holy One now, just because we know we have assurance of salvation later? We can only say for ourselves: We will not waste this good life!

It is our (Israel’s) privilege and greatest joy, therefore, to behold in this life (as well as the eternal life to come) the all-surpassing beauty of His Majesty, the One who is the Majesty on High.

In this way only those children of Adonai’s grace who choose to persevere will truly experience intimacy with Avi HaKavod (the Father of Glory) now. Therefore, unlike the gracious gift of eternal life that the Holy One has already freely given to us, the great joy of intimately knowing Him now in this (temporal) life requires that we seek Him in all perseverance with all of our hearts, souls, bodies, and minds.

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