Messiah in Pesach Chapter 9

  1. By grace we are to consume all of the righteousness of the Lamb
  2. A Group of Ten were required to meet together
  3. Consuming the Spiritual Life of the Lamb

By grace we are to consume all of the ‘righteousness of the Lamb:’

From sunset until midnight on the 15th of Nisan the people were to consume a lamb (Numbers; Exodus). This represents our consuming (by the graciousness of the heavenly Father) all of the righteousness (teaching, living Torah) of the Perfect Man, the Humble Man, who by grace becomes our righteousness. Messiah’s life (His living Word, His Indwelling Spirit of Holiness) is the gift of the Father to His people Israel and to all those Gentiles who would believe on the Name of the Messiah (i.e. Yeshua, meaning Salvation of Adonai).

A Group of Ten were required to meet together:

Ten is the number of judicial completeness. Ten is the number of a worship quorum, a minyan (מִנְיָן-the number Ten is a symbol of our sanctification). Each family (or group of families composed of ten members) were required to gather together to eat a meal that included the flesh of the sacrificed Pesach. This sacred meal was ingested, consumed, while the Tenth Plague ravaged Egypt. The Pesach Supper is a testimony to the salvation-sanctification of the Almighty One.

Consuming the Spiritual Life of the Lamb:

All men have sinned. All humanity has failed to live up to the Holy One’s standard of righteousness, according to His Law.

Therefore, the heavenly Father had no choice but to deliver us from the bondage of sin by His own strong Right Arm. The Right Arm of the Righteous Father (אָבִי הַצַּדִּיק) is the Righteous One (צַּדִּיק), His Son. Messiah Yeshua is the Lamb of God. The Righteous One took our sin and placed it upon His own body. He was judged on our behalf as if our sin was His. The Strong One (the Boaz) paid the penalty for our sin. Then after cleansing us from sin the Messiah gave us His righteousness as a gift of the heavenly Father. When does the heavenly Father confer and transfer the righteousness of His Son to us? We consume all of the righteousness of the Righteous One into our own selves by receiving the gift of the permanent Indwelling Presence of the Spirit of the Holy One.

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