Messiah in Sukkot Chapter 15

  1. Consider (follow) the prophetic symbolism
  2. Halakhah of Moses
  3. He who has an ear let him hear
  4. The process of our salvation

Consider (follow) the prophetic symbolism:

For the disobedient high priest’s blatant, disgraceful act of irreverent behavior the people rightfully pelted him with their Etrogs (consider the obvious prophetic symbolism). Thereafter, a deadly riot resulted. The people would have murdered the high priest of the Tzedukkim (צְדוּקִים-Sadducees) priestly sect that year if his foreign bodyguard had not interfered. Due to this great sacrilege over six thousand Jews of the Prushim rabbinic-sect were reported killed in the Temple that day.

Halakhah of Moses:

It was believed that the water-pouring was an ordinance instituted by Moses (a Halakhah of Moses). The two silver funnels prophetically refer to the redemptive work of the Messiah:

Silver Funnel #1.  The wider funnel refers to the Messiah’s redemptive “thank offering” (his life poured out in sacrifice to HaShem) that was given for Israel’s forgiveness and righteousness and the forgiveness and righteousness of all who would believe.

Silver Funnel #2.  The narrower funnel refers to the cleansing ministry of the Spirit of Holiness (the Water of the Word) that was given the moment the Messiah completed his atoning sacrifice for our forgiveness and cleansing from sin.

The forgiveness and cleansing we have received, therefore, was made possible only through the sacrifice of Messiah, Kedosh Ha-Adonai (the Holy One of the LORD). This sacrifice on the accursed tree by Messiah on our behalf was accepted by the Father of Mercies, our Righteous Father, as just payment for the penalty of our sin. Both of the silver funnels represent the water and wine that flowed out of the Messiah’s side upon and after his death. It is from out of the “side” of Messiah, the last Adam who “slept in death” that Adonai Eloheinu (the LORD our God)  is now making a New Creation. From out of the side of Messiah’s inner virtue (his Spirit-soul-mind-and-strength) comes the living water of heaven that cleanses us from sin and the new life (New Wine) of the Presence and Consciousness of the Divine Spirit that is our guarantee that the work of our cleansing will one day also lead to our being made perfect on the day of our resurrection.

He who has an ear let him hear:

The silver funnels of our redemption—one with a wider opening and another with a narrower opening—speak of our “ears.”

In Jewish thought the ears are a metaphor for our whole body, our entire being (cf. Psalm 40:6-8; and in the Brit Chadashah, a Letter to the Hebrews 10:4-10). Someone who hears (shama) with his or her ears is a person who listens, understands and “obeys.” In the Tanakh obedience is a child’s love language to his or her parents. The same is true of a servant.

In biblical times, a servant who pierced his ear at the door—doors and gates represent governance—of his Master’s House was declaring that he has agreed to listen, understand and obey his Master for the rest of his life. Therefore, we are gathered together at the sacred Altar not only to witness the Messiah our Redeemer forever dedicating (pouring out) his life as a Thank Offering in complete obedience (service) to the heavenly Father but we too, in identification with him, gladly do the same.

In this way, as the Holy One of the LORD pierced his ears forever to serve God our Father, so together with him we pierce our redeemed ears (the two silver funnels) at the doorpost of our Father of Mercy’s House (of compassion, consolation, and the giving of rest) so that we might receive in like manner the life of His Heart (blood of the Vine, the Indwelling Presence of His Spirit symbolized in the wine) and the life of His Soul (the water from Heaven) that freely flows supernaturally from Him through M’shicho (His Messiah)—-who is God’s Servant-leader given to serve us all.

The process of our salvation:

The two silver funnels speak of the process of our “salvation,” whereby through the redemptive sacrifice of the Messiah Elohei Avoteinu (the Almighty One of our Fathers) pours His cleansing Word of forgiveness for sin into our physical and spiritual bodies that house our minds, souls, and spirits. Thereafter, once we are cleansed of sin (the washing of the water of the Word), we are filled with the righteous life and works of the Holy Spirit (the New Wine). Our salvation, therefore, is the ultimate “Thank Offering” that is offered up by the Messiah to the heavenly Father. Our salvation is the intended outcome of Messiah’s life poured out at the Altar. Messiah’s sacrifice allows him to ultimately present us in a state of perfect righteousness as his personal thank offering to Avinu Shebashamayim (our Father in Heaven). This means we must keep in mind at all times that:

Outcome #1.  If we agree to allow HaShem (the NAME) to funnel His redemptive life (cleansing water) into our ears—a symbol of the conduit to our entire being—then we are agreeing that the Spirit of Abba Avinu is in all ways to be our Master forever. Only when we agree in Messiah to become whatever the Holy One desires us to be will our whole being (our bodies, minds, souls, and spirits) be forever cleansed of sin and become (miraculously, supernaturally) *transformed into pure righteousness.

*At the day of our resurrection.

Outcome #2.  When HaShem funnels His life giving Spirit (the new wine) into our *ears our whole being is guaranteed to one day be filled with all of His righteousness and His eternal life (regarding the life of the Spirit and the symbolism of the “New wine” cf. “Messiah in HaBikkurim,” Chapter 69). First we are indwelt with the Spirit. Then later we shall be perfected. We will become perfected on the day our Father in heaven has appointed; on the day of our resurrection from the dead (cf. “Messiah in Rosh Hashanah and Yom Teruah” chapters 7-12).

*Shema Yisra’el – (new, immortal) ears that always hear, understand, and obey Abba Avinu.

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