Messiah in Sukkot Chapter 18

  1. The Eternal High Priest
  2. He is the only One born out of Eternity into Creation
  3. The Eternal Temple of the heavenly Father’s family
  4. Messiah is not a created being
  5. He will exodus us out of this temporal creation into a new eternal creation

The Eternal High Priest:

Due to the sinless nature of the Messiah His Seal (of salvation) is Unbreakable. Those who are believers in the Messiah are blessed to possess the Unbreakable Seal of the true High Priest. We are delivered from sin unto righteousness by grace through our faith in Messiah and not by our own works. This means no person other than Messiah will ever be recognized by the Almighty as being perfectly righteous in all His thoughts and deeds. By our humbly putting our faith in HaShem’s Son, the Messiah, our sins are permanently removed and replaced with the righteousness of the Holy One through our receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Messiah is the only One born out of Eternity into Creation:

Eternal High Priest #1.  Messiah pre-existed creation. Avinu Shebashamayim manifested His Spirit out of eternity that He might walk among us as a human being.

Eternal High Priest #2.  The Son is the only One born out of eternity into creation. This was necessary because fallen man was in need of a Savior, a “kinsman redeemer.” This is because every person from Adam on has sinned and come short of the glory of the Holy One.

Eternal High Priest #3.  The Savior of All had to be a perfect man. The Deliver forever (High Priest forever) had to be human.

Eternal High Priest #4.  The Redeemer could not lawfully be an angel or HaShem (who is Spirit and not a man). So the solution for HaShem was to make a (sinless, perfect) New Adam out of the old (sinful, imperfect) race of Adam. Therefore, the God of the Beginning (אֱלֹ֣הֵי קֶ֔דֶם-Elohei Kedem) Himself is our Salvation because He provided us a New Adam ben Ha-Elohim who was Indwelt with all of the perfect virtue of the Holy One. This Divine intervention was necessary for there was no human being who could live up to the Divine standard of the righteousness of the Holy One. Not even Moses!

Eternal High Priest #5.  The only Begotten Son (ben Yachid) was miraculously (on Chanukkah) formed in the Jewess Mary so that both Jew and Gentile alike would be provided a champion, a sinless Savior, who possessed the strength to overcome all of the powers of sin, the devil, and death.

Eternal High Priest #6.  Messiah came out of eternity into creation to deliver the children of Elohim HaAv from sin, so that He might one day “exodus” His redeemed family out of this fallen creation into a new “eternal dwelling” that would be filled only with the perfect righteousness of HaShem.

The Eternal Temple of the heavenly Father’s family:

Eternal Temple of Elohei Kedem #1.  The true eternal temple of HaShem (the NAME) is not a building. The true temple of HaShem is His human family. Chanukkah is about the re-dedication of the lives of the Holy One’s children. The re-lighting of the human heart by the Spirit of the Eternal One.

Eternal Temple of Elohei Kedem #2.  The Father who dwells in heaven wants to reside in the hearts (spirits) of all His children. He wants to live in us as well as with us. Through faith in Messiah the eternal life of the Holy Spirit is given to all who believe. Both Jew and Gentile. Together we are as One Man. We are His Temple.

Eternal Temple of Elohei Kedem #3.  The Hebrew words son and daughter, ben and bat (בן ובת), along with the word for house, beit (בית), all come from the root word “benah” (בָּנָה). Benah means “to build” and this word applies to the making of children. So the Festival of Lights (Sukkot and Chanukkah) both illustrate what kind of temple our loving heavenly Father wants His children to be and the kind of kingdom on earth He wants us to establish.

Eternal Temple of Elohei Kedem #3.  By examining the meaning of Chanukkah we are able to see an important part of our heavenly Father’s miraculous blueprint for raising His children and how He plans to (I pray soon) establish His kingdom here on earth.

Messiah is not a created being:

Tented with Humankind #1.  Messiah is not a created being. He is HaShem in human form. He birthed Himself out of eternity into creation so that He might tabernacle (dwell together, as if living together in a common tent) with humanity in human form. He did this not just to deal forensically with man’s transgressions or to purge the world of the evil impulse (cf. writings of rabbinical sages).

Tented with Humankind #2.  Ultimately, the Avi Ha’Orot (אבי האורות-the Father of Lights) tented Himself with humanity because of His incredible love for all of humankind. The heavenly Father sent His Beloved Son into the world because He wants His children to grow up, be transformed, and one day become morally and spiritually perfect as He is. Therefore, when redeemed humanity is finally perfected, resurrected, glorified then the children of the Holy One will follow the Messiah back into eternity to dwell in union with Avinu Shebashamayim forever.

He will exodus us out of this temporal creation into a new eternal creation:

New Eternal Creation #1.  Then we will know (experience) Him as He already knows and experiences us; with perfect purity and love. This is why the Light of the World (Or Ha’Olam) left heaven above and entered into the Jewess Mary’s womb. He did this so lowly humankind might be redeemed and transformed into the likeness of the Righteous Father as His glorified children.

New Eternal Creation #2.  One day Adon HaKavod (the Lord of Glory) shall bring many of His “sons to glory.” These are the tzaddikim (הַצַּדִּיקִים). These persons are the spirits of righteous ones made perfect (אֶל־רוּחוֹת הַצַּדִּיקִים הַנִּשְׁלָמִים). These resurrected ones will be immortal, invincible, and incorruptible.

New Eternal Creation #3.  The Messiah, who is the Resurrection and Life (Hatekumah v’haChayim), He and His followers are the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep (died). The true followers of Messiah are those who have received the gift of the New Heart that never fails, the gift of the Father promised by the Hebrew prophets, the gift of the Holy Spirit who was sent to live and reign forever in our spirits on Shavuot. He is the Promised Living Torah. He is the gift of eternal life.

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