Messiah in Purim Chapter 17

  1. Haman is linked to the Ten nations in Daniel
  2. The Hands of Adonai Avinu are outstretched now
  3. The Good News Message of Esther and Mordecai
  4. The road from Self-life to salvation, in three acts

Haman is linked to the Ten nations in Daniel:

There is a kingdom of darkness and a kingdom of light. One must make a choice as to which kingdom one will be a citizen of. If we humbly choose to live by faith according to Abba our Father’s Covenant of Grace (Sivan 23) we will be empowered to walk in His Spirit. This is the Decree of Life.

Esther’s multiple fulfilling prophecy. Haman’s ten sons are a graphic illustration of the sinful life that will be lived by those who follow the false messiah during the seven year Trouble of Jacob. All who submit to the world-wide rule of the evil one will live like Haman’s sons and will be judged (die) like Haman’s sons. This is the Decree of Death.

The Hands of Adonai Avinu are outstretched now:

Victory over the evil one’s world rule can only be achieved by following the Living Torah of Hadassah-Esther and Mordecai which is revealed in the besorah of the compassion and grace of Adonai and the Administration of the Humble Man (the literal meaning of Mordecai’s name, “Little [Humble] Man”).

The good news is that one day soon, we believe in this 21st century, all Israel shall be saved. We will all come to believe in the Decree of Life (the Chen and Chanan of Adonai). But why wait? The Righteous Father is calling out to His people now, individually and collectively. He calls to us through His Voice. His Voice is the d’varim of the Messiah. The D’var HaShem transcends time. What Avinu Shebashamayim says in the first century (CE) we hear in the twenty-first century (CE). Therefore, it is a true saying:

We see and hear Adonai Avinu more clearly now in the twenty-first century, than our ancestors did in the first century.

Through faith in the one sent by Avinu Shebashamayin, the Rabbi from Heaven, the Messiah our Tzaddik (Righteous One), Modern Israel will now enjoy the fulfillment of all of the promises that Adonai Eloheinu made to our fathers and our prophets. It is Israel’s destiny now to be forgiven for our past sin of unbelief. It is time now to leave the desert and enter the time of the fulfillment of the messianic kingdom that shall never end. In faith we are to be Doubly Fruitful (cf. mystery-prophecy of the two adopted sons of father Ya’akov; i.e. Manasseh and Ephraim).

The Good News Message of Esther and Mordecai:

Victory over the evil one’s world rule can be achieved by following the Living Torah of Esther and Mordecai.

First.  Expose Haman. Expose the flesh. The flesh is our invalid-false intellect, will and emotion that is derived from our worldly social conditioning (that rebels against the will of God).

Second.  Do Teshuvah. Turn back to the God of Israel. Repent of your sin, receive forgiveness, leave the Administration of the Proud Man and give glory to Adonai for saving you (“No flesh should glory in His Presence”).

Third.  Acknowledge the new Decree of LIfe of Mordecai. Become a member of the Administration of the Humble Man (lit. Little Man), and keep following the Living Torah of the Spirit of the Living God (Ruach Elohim Chayim) in the Messiah Yeshua.

Fourth.  Reject (put to death) Haman and his seed (your self-life; the Cult of Me). Daily put to death the world’s false self-life; be redeemed and reconciled to Abba Avinu in accordance with our (Israel’s) Hebrew Sign of the Tav (cf. Ezekiel). Although the seed of Haman is replaced in your heart with the Seed of the Father there will still remain a “remnant” (remainder) of your old worldly conditioned self-life. Therefore, it is necessary that you daily submit yourself to the will of Adonai Avinu (ה’ אבינו).

Fifth.  Subjugate your old false intellect, will, emotion, and memory to the will of the Spirit of the Holy One. Do this so that you might daily replace IT (the world’s Invalid Thinking) with your new Spirit endowed (anointed) intellect, will, emotion, and memory. So that over time you will gradually begin to outlet to the world the good, righteous, and true (fruit of light) thought-life and behavioral and relational life (fruit of the Spirit) of the Messiah.

Sixth.  Be patient. Authentic transformation takes a very long time. Rejoice in the Joy of your new life in Messiah and the Spirit of Loving-kindness (רוּחַ הַחֶסֶד). Try not to worry about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to Avinu Shebashamayim and He will reveal to you His Shalom that surpasses all understanding.

אל תדאגו לשום דבר, כי אם בכל דבר הציגו משאלותיכם לאלוהים בתפלה ובתחנונים ובהודיה. ושלום אלוהים הנשגב מכל שכל ינצר את לבבכם ואת מחשבותיכם במשיח ישוע. פ

“Do not worry about anything, but in everything present your wishes to God in prayer and supplication and thanksgiving. And the Shalom of God  that surpasses all comprehension will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Mashiach Yeshua.” (Literally, in the Anointed One, [who is] the Salvation of Adonai).

The road from Self-life to salvation, in three acts:

Act 1. You must banish your Pride. Vashti (Pride of Self) was banished from the king. You must get rid of your pride by repenting and agreeing with Adonai (the LORD) that you are a sinner in need of a Deliverer (Savior). This is the Torah of the prophet Moses. He taught us that we have all sinned and come short of the glory of the Holy One.

Act 2. You must replace your pride with Humility. The king filled the void of an exiled Vashti (pride of self) by uniting himself with Esther (humility and submission of self). The Righteous Father gives grace to the humble but opposes the proud. This is the Torah of Aaron (the Light-bringer) who teaches us that the only way to peace with the Holy One is for us to offer a proper sacrifice to the Lord. In repentance and humility you must offer up the Korban Pesach (Passover), the sacrifice of the Lamb of Ha-Elohim. It is faith in the Mashiach’s atoning sacrifice that covers our (Israel’s)  sin.

Act 3. You must replace the rule of the world, with the Rule of the Holy Spirit. Hadassah-Esther brought Mordecai (the ministry of humility) to the king. This is the Heart of David to humbly worship and serve the heavenly Father under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Once you do teshuvah for your sin and put your faith in the Messiah Yeshua, the Holy Spirit will come into your life and empower you to follow the teaching of the Messiah. The Holy Spirit is Living Torah. In this fulfillment of all the Torah of Moses Adonai Himself Indwells and gives eternal life to all of us who receive The Gift of the Holy Spirit.

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