Messiah in Chag HaMatzot Chapter 4

  1. The Chametz of Pride
  2. Our lives are not ours alone

The Chametz of Pride:

Glorifying Adonai our Father is good. Self-glorification (pride) is not good. At all times and in all circumstances it is Avinu Shebashamayim that must be glorified and not His angels or His children (intelligent beings).

The glorification of anyone (or anything) other than the Holy One has a “leavening” influence upon our souls.

Even a littlle leaven will contaminate the “whole” lump. Leaven-yeast makes the bread “puff-up” or rise. This puffing-up represents the ultimate sin that proliferates the evil world system, Pride. The heavenly Father has zero tolerance for the Chametz of Pride. Pride is rooted in the worship of one’s self (the Cult of Me); instead of the worship of the LORD our God (Adonai Eloheinu).

Our lives are not ours alone:

The sacrifice of the Passover Lamb should inspire us to embrace the self-evident truths that: the Creator alone is to be worshiped and obeyed. Our lives are not our own but belong to the One who made us. We were created to be good and not evil.

Therefore, we are not to celebrate the festival of Pesach with the old puffed-up leaven of glorifying our self-life (יזר הרע-yetzer ha-ra). Vaunting up our self-life is an act of malice (הָרֶשַׁע) and wickedness (הָרֶשַׁע) toward the Holy One.

Instead, we are to celebrate the festival of Pesach with the new unleavened bread of sincerity (הַתֺּם) and truth (הָאֱמֶת). We are to observe the feast by only embracing and glorifying the life of the Holy One (היצר הטוב-hayetzer ha-tov). This we do by sincerely sacrificing our lives in whole, not part, solely for the purpose of pleasing our heavenly Father.

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