Messiah in Pesach Chapter 10

  1. The day of the resurrection of the righteous
  2. The Good Shepherd
  3. Only one prohibition in the Garden

The day of the resurrection of the righteous:

When will the righteousness of our heavenly Father be fully revealed in our bodies in immortal glory?

The righteousness of the Almighty will only be fully revealed upon, in, and through His beloved children on the day of the resurrection of the righteous. Prior to that time we are trophies of the grace of Adonai (our Father and our God). In our present imperfect, mortal form we are not yet ready to appear before the Holy One. Presently we are eternally indwelt by the Holy Spirit in our spirits (thanks be to the Most High). However, our bodies are dying and decaying and our brains (at the present time) are full of inappropriate intellect, will, emotion, memories and desires. Due to redeemed humanity’s embarrassing and frustrating temporal condition, especially as it is presently being experienced by the masses of spiritually immature believers living today, we presently exist in a weak and helpless state—like dependent sheep.

This is why even after we receive the gift of the Father—the Indwelling Presence of His Spirit—that we are constantly in need of the patience, forgiveness, and help of Adonai who is our Salvation. However, we know with absolute certainty that the heavenly Father will keep His promise to perfect us one day. For His power is sufficient to transform His children on the day of resurrection into His glorious likeness. On that near future day the children of the Father of Glory (Avi HaKavod) will become forever innocent, harmless, playful, humble, indestructible, invincible, and immortal! Praise be to Adonai Elohim, our Father who dwells in heaven, for His mercies “endure forever!”

The Good Shepherd:

The truth is apart from our faith in Messiah we possess no real substantive righteousness of our own.

We are helpless sheep in need of a Shepherd. Messiah is our Good Shepherd. He loves us and He laid His life down for us as a ransom for our souls. We are not only the sheep of Messiah’s flock, we are a family of Shepherds. As we grow up in the knowledge and wisdom of Adonai Elohim we are to learn to tirelessly protect and serve one another. In our family of (warrior) shepherds the heavenly Father is our Great Shepherd. The Holy Spirit is our Chief Shepherd. The Messiah is our Good Shepherd. May Adonai be praised forever and ever! So we are entirely saved by the loving kindness, grace and strength of God and not by our own weak efforts. We are entirely saved, delivered, from a temporal state of sin, unto the eternal state of the righteousness of Messiah solely by the grace of the Almighty.

Therefore, like our father Abraham we are justified by faith in the Graciousness of Adonai. The just shall live by faith. Faith has not changed. Before the fall of Man we lived in a state of pure grace. Everything we had was given to us out of the generosity of the Creator. In the Garden of Eden: everything in the perfect state was issued out of the graciousness of the Creator. At that time all of the Torah of Elohim included only one single negative command: “Don’t eat the fruit that has evil mixed in with good.” Don’t eat the Good Torah that has mixed inside it the evil one’s false, counterfeit torah.

Only one prohibition in the Garden:

In the Garden of Eden there was only one prohibition and an absolutely incredible amount of freedom.

Since father Adam’s sin we have an incredible amount of laws and very little freedom. What we need is more understanding and obedience and less laws. What we need is a correction of our corrupt nature. Laws are for the lawless. Freedom is for the righteous. Messiah came to deliver us from sin and to return us to an unending state of pure righteousness.

It is faith in Messiah that cleanses us from sin and secures for us the return of the Spirit of the Holy One to permanently Indwell the Temple of our hearts. Then in blessed hope it is the Spirit who will resurrect us on the day of resurrection, when our perfection will be made complete. Then will all of the Torah of the Holy One be fulfilled in one great commandment:  Be love and do love. For God is Love (הָאֱלֹהִים הוּא אַהֲבָה). Love is the fulfillment of all Torah (written and living). Then will all of the Living Torah and Halakhah of Adonai (walk in His Spirit) be fulfilled in four words: chesed (חֶסֶד-Deuteronomy), dod, ahavah and ra’yah (רַעְיָה ,אַהֲבָה ,דּוֹד – cf. the “Song of Songs;”).

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