Messiah in Pesach Chapter 6

  1. Joseph’s second dream
  2. Prophecy of the Healing Wings and the Hands of God

Joseph’s second dream:

In the second of Joseph’s first two dreams Israel is depicted as the Sun and Leah is depicted as the Moon.

In the first two *dreams of Joseph both father Jacob (the Sun) and His first wife Leah (the Moon) bow down to Joseph (יוסף-Yosef), a type of Messiah. Messiah is the glorious face of Israel. He radiates His glory (זהר כבודו-zohar kevodo, [the] splendor of His glory), the glory of the Presence of Avinu Shebashamayim that dwells within Him forever (Ha-Mashiach).

Israel is both Leah and Rachel. [*In the Torah visions are a slice of revelation. Young men see a slice of revelation called “visions.” Dreams, however, are a much larger scope of revelation than visions. A “dream” is a horizon-to-horizon view of revelation. Since a dream involves a much larger perspective of revelation it is usually the practice of older, wiser men (persons) to “dream dreams.“] The glory of the Messiah, His Spirit, is constantly shining upon the assembly of His people, physical Israel. One day all Israel will be saved. All the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will know Adonai. Then the faces of Leah and Rachel will reflect the full glory of the Sun of Righteousness (will radiate the splendor of His glory) who rises with healing in His wings.

Prophecy of the Healing Wings and the Hands of God:

Malachi (מַלְאָכִֽי), the Messenger of God, said of Messiah that in due course the Messiah would rise in revelation and spiritual affect over all Israel like the sun rising and covering the Holy Land in all its brilliant glory.

When this happens in the near future the Messiah will rise upon, in, and through the People of Israel with healing in His “wings.” The wings are the four blue colored corners of the prayer shawl that contains the 613 laws of the Torah. Blue is the color of the heavens.

Therefore, the prophecy means that the universal power of heaven (N-S-E-W) will be unleashed in all its full glory to heal the land and the people of Israel and all the world (both physically and spiritually).

This means the world will soon come under the rule of Adonai when Israel turns in full faith to Messiah. Then the power of Messiah’s virtue—His favored place in the life of Adonai—will brilliantly, magnificently shine upon, in, and through the lives of all the people of Israel out to all the gentile peoples and nations of the world. Only then will the gentile nations and peoples be converted to the full knowledge of the Living Torah of Adonai (fulfilled by Messiah) and of the Grace of Adonai (the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit).

For it is a true saying that we are delivered from sin and the bondage of the evil one by our exercising faith in the chesed of God and M’shico (His Messiah) whom He sent. So it is written:

 גם אתם שהייתם מתים בפשעיכם וחטאיכם, בעבר התהלכתם בהם לפי עדן העולם הזה, כרצון השר אשר לו השלטון בספירת הבינים והוא הרוח הפועלת עתה בבני המרי. וגם אנחנו כלנו היינו מערבים עמהם בעבר; עסקנו בתאוותינו הבשריות, מלאנו את תשוקות הגוף ואת דחף המחשבות, והיינו מטבענו בני זעם כשאר בני אדם. אבל אלוהים המלא רחמים אהב אותנו, ובאהבתו הרבה, אף כי מתים היינו בפשעינו, החינו עם המשיח – הן בחסד נושעתם! – והקים אותנו עמו והושיבנו עמו בשמים, במשיח ישוע, כדי להראות בעולמים הבאים את שפע עשר חסדו בטובה שגמל עלינו במשיח ישוע. הן בחסד נושעתם על-ידי האמונה; וזאת לא מידכם, כי אם מתנת אלוהים היא. אין זה נובע ממעשים, כדי שלא יתגאה איש; שהרי מעשה ידי אלוהים אנחנו, ברואים במשיח ישוע למעשים טובים אשר אלוהים הכינם מקדם למען נחיה בהם. פ

You too have been dead in your peysha’im (פשעיכם-your transgressions) and chatta’im (חטאיכם-your sins). In the past you walked in them according to the course (עדן-era, epoch, time) of this world (העולם הזה-haolam hazeh), [according to] the will of the prince (השר-hasar) of the power of the air, which is the spirit that now operates in the sons of the rebellion (בני המרי-bnei hameri). We too formerly mixed with them in the past; engaged in our fleshly desires, filled with the desires of the body and of the mind (דחף המחשבות-dachaf hamachshavot, impulsive thoughts, destructive urges), and we were, by nature, the sons of wrath (בני זעם-bnei zaam) like other human beings (בני אדם-benei adam). But God full (המלא) of mercy (רחמים-rachamim), loved us, and in his great love (הרבה-ahavah), even though we were dead in our transgressions (פשעינו-our peysha’im), by [His] chesed (חסד-favor that stoops down and lifts up [also cf. chen-חן], the helping grace) of [HaShem] we are saved! (נושעתם -literally – “You are saved”). And He raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places, in Mashiach Yeshua (משיח ישוע), in order to show in the ages to come the abundance of His grace (חסדו) toward us in Mashiach Yeshua. By grace (בחסד-in the loving-kindness of HaShem) we are saved by faith; this is not from ourselves (yourselves), for it is the gift of God (מתנת אלוהים היא). This is not due to (our) actions, so that no one will boast. For we are the works of the Hand(s) of God (שהרי מעשה ידי אלוהים אנחנו), created in Mashiach Yeshua for good deeds, which God has prepared for us to live in (אשר אלוהים הכינם מקדם למען נחיה בהם).

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