Messiah in Purim Chapter 23

  1. Twos, primarily a witness to the two covenants
  2. Sevens, meaning completion
  3. Seven spirits
  4. Seven feasts
  5. Other sevens

Twos, primarily a witness to the two covenants:

  • Ahasuerus ruled over the power of two empires: Persia and Media.
  • Ahasuerus’ two feasts: included nobles and great and small.
  • Two queens: Vashti and Esther
  • Second House of the women (2:14).
  • Virgins gathered a second time (2:19).
  • Esther appears before the King two times without being called (5:12; 8:34).
  • Esther’s two banquets of wine (5:6; 7:2).
  • Two people were invited to Esther’s banquets of wine.
  • Two chamberlain/keepers of the door sought to assassinate Ahasuerus.
  • Two decrees for retaliation (8:5; 9:14).
  • Two days of fighting in Shushan (9:13,15).
  • Haman’s sons killed twice: killed and hung ( 9:1213).
  • Two “second in command” given by Ahasuerus to Haman and Mordecai.
  • Two letters of Purim (9:29).

Sevens, meaning completion:

  • Seven Chamberlains were sent for Vashti, a type of complete pride.
  • Seven Maids were given to Esther, a type of complete humility.
  • Seven Princes: knew the laws and legal precedents (judgments) of Persia and Media; saw the king’s face; were “called” to execute the law over Vashti.

Seven spirits:

Seven feasts:

  • Ahasuerus’ 180 day feast.
  • Ahasuerus’ seven day Shushan feast.
  • Esther’s feast held by Ahasuerus.
  • Esther’s first feast for Ahasuerus and Haman.
  • Esther’s second feast for Ahasuerus and Haman.
  • The Feast of Rejoicing (by Yehudim before battle).
  • The Feast of Purim.

Other sevens:

  • Seven day feast of Ahasuerus for great and small.
  • Seventh day, Ahasuerus’ heart was merry with wine.
  • Seventh day, Vashti summoned, disobeyed, and banished.
  • Seventh year of king’s reign, he takes a new bride and queen.
  • Esther’s Tribulation reign lasted Seven Years (Hebrew Years 3283-3289).

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