Messiah in Rosh HaShanah II & Chanukkah II Chapter 2

  2. Father Ya’akov’s Prophecy regarding Messiah
  3. Shiloh has come
  4. Shiloh will return
  5. Messiah presently sits at the Right Hand of the Father
  6. Before Shiloh returns a false shepherd will appear
  7. Then Messiah will return as the Conquering Messiah ben David
  8. Before Shiloh comes a Third Jerusalem Temple will be built and destroyed
  9. Three Elijahs bear witness to the Messiah in the Order of Eternity
  10. The third and final Elijah is soon to come
  11. Rabbi Jose ben Halafta
  12. The third Elijah will restore Adonai’s Halakha
  13. Prophecy of the Two Witnesses in the Scroll of Unveiling
  14. Divine Judgment at the inaugural Dedication of the Third Temple
  15. The rise of the counterfeit messiah begins in the month of Tishri
  16. Abomination of Desolation will be erected in the Holy of Holies
  17. A detestable, disgusting, foul, defiling act
  18. Spiritual and physical desolation
  19. Three and one half years
  20. The Law of Reciprocity
  21. The Great Deception
  22. The global rejection of the Message of the Grace of God
  23. The rapid rise of faith in the anti-torah of the false shepherd
  24. Persecution of those who refuse to believe in anti-messiah
  25. The satan-indwelt Beast and his global reign of terror
  26. For all of these reasons Shiloh will return as HaPalat and HaShofet


Father Ya’akov’s Prophecy regarding Messiah

In his last days blessing bestowed upon his sons our Father Jacob said, “Gather together, that I may tell you what shall befall you in the last days” (Genesis 49:1).

וַיִּקְרָ֥א יַעֲקֹ֖ב אֶל־בָּנָ֑יו וַיֹּ֗אמֶר הֵאָֽסְפוּ֙ וְאַגִּ֣ידָה לָכֶ֔ם אֵ֛ת אֲשֶׁר־יִקְרָ֥א אֶתְכֶ֖ם בְּאַחֲרִ֥ית הַיָּמִֽים׃

In addressing His son Judah, Jacob prophesied concerning King Messiah, “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes; and to Him shall be the obedience of the people” (Genesis 49:10):

לֹֽא־יָס֥וּר שֵׁ֙בֶט֙ מִֽיהוּדָ֔ה וּמְחֹקֵ֖ק מִבֵּ֣ין רַגְלָ֑יו עַ֚ד כִּֽי־יָבֹ֣א (שילה) שִׁיל֔וֹ ג וְל֖וֹ יִקְּהַ֥ת עַמִּֽים׃

The term Shiloh (שִׁילֹה) refers to the Messiah both in His first coming as Messiah ben Yosef and in His second coming as Messiah ben David. Shiloh ultimately speaks of three things:

Shiloh #1.  Shiloh is a Person (the Messiah).
Shiloh #2.  Shiloh is an Event (the installation of Messiah as Prophet-High Priest-King of all the nations and peoples of the world).
Shiloh #3.  Shiloh is a Place (the very sacred ancient city of Shiloh).

There is a great deal of rabbinical support for asserting that Shiloh refers to the Mashiach.

Reference #1Targum Onkelos: “The transmission of domain shall not cease from the house of Judah, nor the scribe from his children’s children, forever, until Messiah comes.”
Reference #2Targum Pseudo-Jonathan: “King and rulers shall not cease from the house of Judah…until King Messiah comes.”
Reference #3Targum Yerushalmi: “Kings shall not cease from the house of Judah until the time of the coming of the King Messiah to whom all the dominions of the earth shall become subservient.”
Reference #4Babylonian Talmud: “The world was created for the sake of the Messiah, what is this Messiah’s name? The School of Rabbi Shila said ‘his name is Shiloh, for it is written; until Shiloh come.’”

Shiloh has come:

Shiloh has come already and He was rejected by Israel. Soon He shall return and this time we shall all accept Him!

Rabbi Yeshua fulfilled over three hundred prophecies (almost 2000 years ago) from the Tanakh. He will fulfill another three hundred prophecies of the Torah, Prophets and Writings when He returns to Israel a second time as the Lion of Judah. Therefore, the scepter of Judah is now in the permanent possession of Mashiach Yeshua ben Yosef, ben David. However, the power of Messiah’s scepter to rule over Israel and the entire world will not be fully exercised until after restored national Israel “turns” back (Teshuvah) in faith to Adonai through believing in the Word (HaDavar) of His Voice (the Voice of Adonai is heard in His humble-obedient Son, the Messiah Yeshua).

Shiloh will return:

At Messiah’s return, at His second coming, all Israel shall be saved (i.e. Israel will be fully restored to its promised glory both spiritually and physically). Therefore, Israel’s previous and current unbelief has only “delayed” (put on pause) the inevitable day that Messiah Tzadiknu (צִדְקֵֽנוּ-our Righteous One) shall rule the earth; just as it was promised by Adonai to our (Israel’s) fathers so long ago. For the Word of the All-Powerful One will never be broken. All the promises of Adonai must and will be fulfilled in His time.

Messiah presently sits at the Right Hand of the Father:

Where is Shiloh now? Having completed His redemptive ministry the Messiah ben Yosef (the Suffering Messiah) departed from Israel and ascended into heaven. There He will continue to rule at the right hand (לִימִין אֱלֹהִים) of the heavenly Father until the soon approaching day when national Israel will cry out to Messiah Yeshua, “Son of David, have mercy on us. Save us now!” This prayer will be the result of Israel one day rejecting the rule of the false messiah (anti-messiah, the false shepherd) and embracing the rule of our Good Shepherd (הָרוֹעֶה הַטּוֹב).

Before Shiloh comes a false shepherd will appear:

Prophecy #1.  The false shepherd will in the near future help Israel secure a temporary international peace accord and rebuild the Jerusalem Temple on the Temple Mount (only to secure a false trust with the Jewish people).

Prophecy #2.  Three and one-half years into the agreement the False Messiah will turn on the Jewish people.

Prophecy #3.  During the following three and one-half years this anti-messiah will attempt to annihilate all the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Prophecy #4.  As a result, the False Shepherd will cause two-thirds of the global Jewish population to perish in a period of only forty-two months.

 Messiah will return this time as the Conquering Messiah ben David:

Prophecy #5.  Messiah will return from heaven at the end of this seven year period to deliver His people from the hatred of the anti-messiah and his subordinate rulers of the earth.

Prophecy #6.  When Messiah ben David returns (a second time) He will rule the entire earth with a rod of iron (1, 2).

Prophecy #7.  He will establish Adonai’s governance over all of the nations, people and families of the world.

Prophecy #8.  He will internationally establish the worship of El-Elyon (the Most High God) by building His Millennial Temple in Shiloh.

Prophecy #9.  The reaction of the Yehudim (Jews) to these monumental events will be one of tremendous, unspeakable joy.

Prophecy #10. The King-Messiah will rule as the High Priest of all the earth from His Millennial Temple in Shiloh.

Prophecy #11. At that time the Scepter of Judah will rule over all the peoples of the world both spiritually and politically.

Before Shiloh comes a Third Jerusalem Temple will be built and destroyed:

Prophecy #12. The rebuilt Third Temple will be destroyed, never to be rebuilt.

Prophecy #13. The temple mount will be swallowed up by an earthquake.

QUESTION & ANSWER: Why will the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem be destroyed by an earthquake never to be rebuilt? In investigating the destined destruction of the rebuilt Jerusalem Temple it is necessary to first reference the historical events that directly relate to the time of Jacob’s Trouble (עֵֽת־צָרָה הִיא לְיַֽעֲקֹב-Et-Tzarah Hi Le-Ya’akov) ––the seven year great tribulation period that is prophesied (צָרָה גְדוֹלָה-Jeremiah 30:7) as occurring in the last days just before the establishment of the millennial kingdom by Messiah ben David––and to study the ministries of the “three Elijahs.”

Three Elijahs bear witness to the Messiah in the Order of Eternity:

In the Hebrew scriptures the prophet Elijah’s ministry transcends space and time. In messianic Judaism the testimony of Elijah the Tishbite (אליהו התישבי-Eliyahoo HaTishvi, “The Trumpet of Adonai My God”) involves at least three prophetic-historical events and ministries that so far have spanned a period of time of more than 2,800 years. The Tanakh discloses that Adonai has destined that there be three different historical periods of time in the Elijah ministry. Also, three different prophets, each bearing his own unique witness to the Messiah, is associated with this Elijah ministry. The prophetic ministries of these three Elijahs who “trumpet” forth the testimony of Ha-Mashiach are:

The First Elijah. The first Elijah did not die but ascended alive into heaven (850 BCE) and along with Moses appeared to Messiah at the Mount of Transfiguration (The Mount of Dedication, Chermown). The first Elijah (Eliyahoo HaTishbi) will return from heaven to Israel in a glorified body (as an immortal) on “Yom HaKippurim.” This will happen at the second coming of Messiah which is when the *messianic age of Israel begins.

*Yom Kippur will be split into two parts during the messianic age. The two parts of Yom HaBikkurim are like two bookends: the first part, the beginning of the messianic age, puts on pause the final judgment of humankind; the second part, at the last day of the messianic age, includes closure and final judgment (i.e. the closing of the Gate ceremony). This joint reference to the beginning and ending of the messianic age (a period of a thousand years: 1, 2) is the main reason why our Hebrew scriptures always refer to Yom Kippur in the plural (i.e. as Yom HaKippurim-י֧וֹם הַכִּפֻּרִ֣ים).

The Second Elijah. The second Elijah (the first “Elijah to come”), Yochanan ben Zechariah (the Grace of Adonai Remembered), is the blessed prophet who publicly introduced the Messiah to Israel at the Jordan (27 CE). He was arrested and imprisoned (28 CE). Then later he was beheaded by Herod (29 CE).  What became of the prophet’s head is still a *mystery. We do not know. Yet we do know that the rest of his body was buried by his talmidin and that we are now awaiting the soon approaching day of his resurrection (he is the first Elijah to come).

*The Mystery (הסוד) in two lines  of questioning: First, do you know what happened to the body of the prophets when the “head” (1, 2, 3) testimony of the prophets was removed? First answer: once the witness of the Grace of Adonai (יוחנן-Yochanan) was severed from the body of the prophets the Life (החיים-Living One) departed from their joint testimony; and so (for a time) the body became dead and was buried. Second, do you know what will happen on the day of resurrection? Second answer: once the witness of the Grace of Adonai is Remembered (יוחנן בן זכריה-Yochanan ben Zecharyah), therefore re-united to the body of the prophets, then the Life (החיים-HaChayim) will return to the body. The Messiah will return. Thereafter, the Ruach Elohim Chayim (רוח אלוהים חיים-Spirit of the Living God) will Indwell the hearts and minds of our people (Israel) forever (all Israel shall be saved).

The Third and Final Elijah. The third Elijah (the second “Elijah to come”) when he comes in the midst of the Trouble of Jacob (future) will testify of not just one but all three elements of the Elijah messianic testimony. Unlike the first Elijah who testified of Messiah’s glorified ascendance into heaven, or the second Elijah, who was a witness to the sacrificial death of Messiah, the third and final Elijah will testify to all three elements of Messiah’s atoning death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven.

Prophecy #14. When the Tribulation Elijah ( the second Elijah to come) completes his mission of testifying to all three elements of Messiah’s glory, then a full and complete witness will have been accomplished. Thereafter, when the Messiah returns to Israel on Yom Kippur (in a year of Jubilee), He will be escorted by an immortal Eliya’hoo HaTishvi, and his two (Elijah to come) counterparts.

Prophecy #15. Thereafter these four miraculous signs of the Messiah: His death, resurrection, ascension, and triumphant return to Israel from heaven [attested to by His forerunner(s) the prophet *Eliya’hoo Ha Tishvi and his two counterparts] will surely turn the hearts of our people (all Israel) to immediately believe in all of the doctrines (the heart, hearts) of our fathers—the Shepherds of Israel (cf. document, “Messiah in Sukkot, Chapter 4”).

*Also מֹשֶׁה (Mosheh-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Prophecy #16. After the ministry, therefore, of the second and final Elijah to come (1, 2, 3, 4) is completed a fourth and final element of messianic prophecy will be fulfilled when Messiah will dramatically and triumphantly return to earth a second time to put down (in one day) humankind’s rebellion against our heavenly Father.

Prophecy #17. Then will the Messiah finally establish upon all the earth the Kingdom of Adonai that was promised to our fathers Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron and David (the promised restoration-restitution of all things).

The third and final Elijah is soon to come:

Yochanan ben Zechariah is the Elijah to come whose ministry ushered in the beginning of the Living Torah of Messiah (i.e. “walk” in the Spirit; halakha of the Spirit). He is the Elijah who gave witness to the death and burial of the Messiah ben Yosef, the Suffering Messiah. The second Elijah to come will have a greater testimony than that of the prophet Yochanan. The miraculous death, resurrection and ascension of the Final Elijah to come will be a mid-tribulation precursor to the imminent second coming of the Messiah ben David, the Conquering Messiah (who will complete the Besorah promises by restoring all things).

Forty-two months later when the Messiah returns from heaven to earth a second time, all three Elijahs (the original and the two Elijahs to come) will accompany Messiah in their glorified resurrected bodies. At that time the fulfillment of the promises of the Holy Father (אָבִי הַקָּדוֹשׁ) to the fathers (patriarchs) will occur. The Righteous Father (אָבִי הַצַּדִּיק) will finally bring about the establishment of His promised messianic kingdom through the permanent rule of King David’s greater son, the resurrected-glorified Mashiach Yeshua ben David, the *King of kings and Lord of lords.

*Melekh HaMelakhim v’Adonei Ha-Adonim (מֶלֶךְ הַמְּלָכִים וַאֲדוֹן הָאֲדוֹנִים).

Rabbi Jose ben Halafta:

The Rabbi Jose ben Halafta (הרב חוסה בן חלפתא) rightfully stated in the second century (around 160 CE), in his highly respected work the Seder Olam Rabbah (סדר עולם רבה) that there must be three different and separate appearances of Elijah. In the seventeenth chapter of his work, the “Order of Eternity,” we read:

ובשנה השניה לאחזיה נגנז אליהו ולא נראה עד שיבא מלך המשיח ונראה ונגנז שנייה ואינו נראה עד שיבוא גוג ומגוג.  פ

“In the second year of Azariah (King of Israel) Elijah was hidden (literally taken) away and is not seen until Mashiach comes. In the days of the Mashiach he will be seen and hidden away a second time and will not be seen until *Gog and Magog will arrive.” (*1, 2)

This well-known second century statement by Rabbi Jose ben Halafta  sheds light on Rabbi Yeshua ben Yosef’s teaching that the Elijah to Come refers to both the prophecy and martyrdom of the prophet Yochanan ben Zechariah and a yet future Elijah to come whose life will also be martyred in the (yet future) time of Jacob’s Trouble (צָרָ֥ה-adversity, affliction, anguish, distress, tribulation, trouble).

This Elijah to come will restore Adonai’s true Halakha:

During the time of Jacob’s Trouble the final Elijah to come will shut the sky so that no rain may fall. He and another witness, who will have power over the waters to turn them into blood and to strike the earth with every plague, will be killed by the beast from the bottomless pit and then miraculously raised from the dead three and one half days later. Then visibly this last Elijah to come and the other witness will gloriously ascend into heaven (for the whole world to see). Thereafter, many in Israel will finally “begin” to believe in the testimony of Rabbi Yeshua and begin walking in His Halakha of the Spirit.

The final Elijah’s death, resurrection and ascension occurs at the midpoint of the seven year Great Tribulation of Jacob’s Trouble  (in the month of Nisan at the three and a half year mark). At this time the False Messiah’s future rebuilt (third) temple in Jerusalem will utterly be destroyed in an earthquake.

Prophecy of the Two Witnesses in the Scroll of Unveiling:

נִתַּן לִי קָנֶה דּוֹמֶה לְמַטֶּה, וְנֶאֱמַר לִי: קוּם וּמְדֹד אֶת הֵיכַל אֱלֹהִים וְאֶת הַמִּזְבֵּחַ וְאֶת הַמִּשְׁתַּחֲוִים בּוֹ. אֲבָל אֶת הֶחָצֵר אֲשֶׁר מִחוּץ לַהֵיכָל הַשְׁאֵר בַּחוּץ וְאַל תִּמְדֹּד אוֹתָהּ, כִּי נִתְּנָה לַגּוֹיִם וְיִרְמְסוּ אֶת עִיר הַקֹּדֶשׁ אַרְבָּעִים וּשְׁנַיִם חֳדָשִׁים. וְאֶתֵּן לִשְׁנֵי עֵדַי וִינַבְּאוּ אֶלֶף וּמָאתַיִם וְשִׁשִּׁים יָמִים כְּשֶׁהֵם לְבוּשֵׁי שַׂקִּים. אֵלֶּה הֵם שְׁנֵי הַזֵּיתִים וּשְׁתֵּי הַמְּנוֹרוֹת הָעוֹמְדִים לִפְנֵי אֲדוֹן הָאָרֶץ. וְאִישׁ אִם יִרְצֶה לְהָרַע לָהֶם, תֵּצֵא אֵשׁ מִפִּיהֶם וְתֹאכַל אֶת אוֹיְבֵיהֶם; מִי שֶׁיִּרְצֶה לְהָרַע לָהֶם, בְּדֶרֶךְ זֹאת מוֹת יוּמַת. יֵשׁ לָהֶם הַסַּמְכוּת לַעֲצֹר אֶת הַשָּׁמַיִם כְּדֵי שֶׁלֹּא יֵרֵד גֶּשֶׁם בִּימֵי נְבוּאָתָם, וְסַמְכוּת לָהֶם עַל הַמַּיִם לַהֲפֹךְ אוֹתָם לְדָם וּלְהַכּוֹת אֶת הָאָרֶץ בְּכָל מַכָּה שֶׁיִּרְצוּ. כַּאֲשֶׁר יִגְמְרוּ אֶת עֵדוּתָם, הַחַיָּה הָעוֹלָה מִן הַתְּהוֹם תַּעֲשֶׂה עִמָּהֶם מִלְחָמָה, תְּנַצֵּחַ אוֹתָם וְתַהַרְגֵם. גְּוִיוֹתֵיהֶם תִּהְיֶינָה בִּרְחוֹב הָעִיר הַגְּדוֹלָה הַנִּקְרֵאת בְּאֹפֶן רוּחָנִי סְדוֹם וּמִצְרַיִם, אֲשֶׁר שָׁם גַּם נִצְלַב אֲדוֹנָם. וּמִן הָעַמִּים וְהַשְּׁבָטִים וְהַלְּשׁוֹנוֹת וְהָאֻמּוֹת יִרְאוּ אֶת גְּוִיוֹתֵיהֶם בְּמֶשֶׁךְ שְׁלוֹשָׁה יָמִים וָחֵצִי, וְלֹא יַרְשׁוּ לְהַנִּיחַ אֶת גְּוִיוֹתֵיהֶם בְּקֶבֶר. יוֹשְׁבֵי הָאָרֶץ יִשְׂמְחוּ עֲלֵיהֶם וְיַעַלְזוּ, וְיִשְׁלְחוּ מָנוֹת אִישׁ לְרֵעֵהוּ, שֶׁכֵּן שְׁנֵי הַנְּבִיאִים הָאֵלֶּה הִכְאִיבוּ לְיוֹשְׁבֵי הָאָרֶץ. אַחֲרֵי שְׁלוֹשָׁה יָמִים וָחֵצִי בָּאָה בָּהֶם רוּחַ חַיִּים מֵאֵת הָאֱלֹהִים; הֵם קָמוּ עַל רַגְלֵיהֶם וּפַחַד גָּדוֹל נָפַל עַל רוֹאֵיהֶם. אָז שָׁמְעוּ קוֹל גָּדוֹל מִן הַשָּׁמַיִם אוֹמֵר לָהֶם: עֲלוּ הֵנָּה!, וְהֵם עָלוּ בֶּעָנָן הַשָּׁמַיְמָה לְעֵינֵי אוֹיְבֵיהֶם. אוֹתָהּ שָׁעָה הִתְחוֹלְלָה רְעִידַת אֲדָמָה גְּדוֹלָה; עֲשִׂירִית הָעִיר נָפְלָה וְשִׁבְעַת אֲלָפִים אֲנָשִׁים, לִשְׁמוֹתֵיהֶם, נֶהֶרְגוּ בִּרְעִידַת הָאֲדָמָה; וְהַנִּשְׁאָרִים נֶחֶרְדוּ וְנָתְנוּ כָּבוֹד לֵאלֹהֵי הַשָּׁמַיִם. פ

נתן לי קנה דומה למטה, ונאמר לי: קום ומדד את היכל אלהים ואת המזבח ואת המשתחוים בו. אבל את החצר אשר מחוץ להיכל השאר בחוץ ואל תמדד אותה, כי נתנה לגוים וירמסו את עיר הקדש ארבעים ושנים חדשים. ואתן לשני עדי וינבאו אלף ומאתים וששים ימים כשהם לבושי שקים. אלה הם שני הזיתים ושתי המנורות העומדים לפני אדון הארץ. ואיש אם ירצה להרע להם, תצא אש מפיהם ותאכל את אויביהם; מי שירצה להרע להם, בדרך זאת מות יומת. יש להם הסמכות לעצר את השמים כדי שלא ירד גשם בימי נבואתם, וסמכות להם על המים להפך אותם לדם ולהכות את הארץ בכל מכה שירצו. כאשר יגמרו את עדותם, החיה העולה מן התהום תעשה עמהם מלחמה, תנצח אותם ותהרגם. גויותיהם תהיינה ברחוב העיר הגדולה הנקראת באפן רוחני סדום ומצרים, אשר שם גם נצלב אדונם. ומן העמים והשבטים והלשונות והאמות יראו את גויותיהם במשך שלושה ימים וחצי, ולא ירשו להניח את גויותיהם בקבר. יושבי הארץ ישמחו עליהם ויעלזו, וישלחו מנות איש לרעהו, שכן שני הנביאים האלה הכאיבו ליושבי הארץ. אחרי שלושה ימים וחצי באה בהם רוח חיים מאת האלהים; הם קמו על רגליהם ופחד גדול נפל על רואיהם. אז שמעו קול גדול מן השמים אומר להם: עלו הנה!, והם עלו בענן השמימה לעיני אויביהם. אותה שעה התחוללה רעידת אדמה גדולה; עשירית העיר נפלה ושבעת אלפים אנשים, לשמותיהם, נהרגו ברעידת האדמה; והנשארים נחרדו ונתנו כבוד לאלהי השמים. פ

“Then there was given me a measuring rod like a staff (1, 2); and someone said, ‘Get up and measure the temple of Adonai (Elohim) and the altar, and those who worship in it. Leave out the court which is outside the temple and do not measure it, for it has been given to the nations (לגוים-to the gentile nations and peoples); and they will tread underfoot the holy city for forty-two months (חדשים-new {moons}). And I will grant authority to my two witnesses (שני עדי), and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.’ These are the two olive trees (שני הזיתים) and the two lamp-stands (שתי המנורות) that stand before Adon Ha-Aretz (אדון הארץ-the Lord of the earth). And if anyone wants to harm them, fire flows out of their mouth and devours their enemies; so if anyone wants to harm them, he must be killed in this way. These have the power to shut up the sky, so that rain will not fall during the days of their prophesying; and they have power over the waters to turn them into blood, and to strike the earth with every plague, as often as they desire. When they have finished their testimony, the beast (החיה) arising from the abyss will make war with them, and overcome them and kill them. And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which mystically is called Sodom (סְדוֹם) and Egypt (מִצְרַיִם), which is also where their Lord (אדונם) was *crucified (נצלב). Those from the peoples and tribes and tongues and nations will look at their dead bodies for three and a half days, and will not permit their dead bodies to be laid in a tomb. And those who dwell on the earth will rejoice over them and celebrate; and they will send gifts to one another, because these two prophets (שני הנביאים) tormented those who dwell on the earth. But after the three and a half days, the breath of life (רוח חיים) from Adonai (Elohim) came into them, and they stood on their feet; and great fear fell upon those who were watching them. And they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, ‘Come up here!’ (!עלו הנה) Then as their enemies watched they went up into heaven in a cloud (בֶּעָנָן), And in that hour there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell; seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake, and the rest were terrified and gave glory to the God of Heaven (Elah Shemaiya)” (cf. ההתגלות פרק יא-HaHitgallut, The Scroll of the Unveiling, Chapter 11).

*See korban pesach and ancient Hebrew sign of the Tav. Adoneinu was sacrificed for our sins (crucified) on the accursed tree that was configured in the sign of the Tav and located just outside the city gates of a Roman occupied and therefore gentile controlled Yerushalayim. Our elite religious leaders’ outright rejection of Adoneinu and their complicity in plotting with the gentiles to kill Yeshua our Messiah temporarily transformed Yerushalayim, the Foundation of Shalem (i.e. tranquility and peace), into a place of spiritual slavery (Egypt; also 1, 2, 3) and war against Elah Shemaiya (Sodom; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Divine Judgment at the inaugural Dedication of the Third Temple:

The Divine judgment that is exacted upon the third rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and its celebrants attending the initial sanctification (הקדשת) and dedication (חנוכה) of the temple (בית המקדש) will occur at the same time as when the two witnesses who are Elijah-like and Moses-like in spirit complete their testimony of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach Adoneinu.

After a three and one half year period of acting as witnesses to the testimony of Yeshua HaMashiach and of making war against the anti-messiah the two prophets will be slain at or near the site of the present temple mount in Jerusalem. Then, just three and one half days ;ater—while the entire world is celebrating and exchanging gifts at  the conclusion of the eight day celebration of the inaugural dedication (חנוכה) of the rebuilt third temple—the call of the Voice of Adonai (ה’ קֹול-the Kol Adonai) will cause the slain bodies of the two prophets to immediately resurrect and ascend into heaven.

The rise of the counterfeit messiah begins in the month of Tishri:

Before proceeding in today’s study on “Shiloh, the Person” we must ask the question how will the counterfeit messiah rise to power?

Answer: At the first of his revealing himself to the world (in the month of Tishri) the counterfeit messiah will appear to be a man of peace. He at the beginning will also appear to be a person who respects all of the personal philosophical and religious beliefs of others. He will especially be appreciated by our people because initially he will successfully support our nation and people of Israel. He will broker a peace deal in the middle east; and he will even pave the way for us to rebuild a new (third) temple on the temple mount (in Jerusalem). However, there will be an exception to the false messiah’s international generosity, helpfulness, and tolerance. He will from the start of his rise to power openly oppose the two prophets. This will be so because throughout his three and one half year rise to world power the two prophets will openly speak against him. Yet, during this time he will be powerless to defeat them. 

The counterfeit messiah will enjoy a (short-lived) three and one half day victory over the two prophets.

However, after the three and one half year period of time, during the dedication of the rebuilt third temple in Jerusalem, the counterfeit messiah will finally succeed in silencing the two prophets. Through satanic agency, he will kill the two prophets and order that their dead bodies be left for public view. He will do this so that the whole world might fear him and accept him as being more than a man. So, in the midst of the dedication of the third temple, he will declare to the world that he is Adonai in human form. He will demand that his image be worshiped. In an instant, the humble tolerant world leader of peace will become an intolerant, hateful, violent world dictator. Those persons who publicly accept him as their deity will receive an irremovable *mark on their forehead (or hand). Those who refuse to worship his image will be swiftly executed [in the same manner that the prophet Yochanan ben Zechariah, the first Elijah to come, was executed]—they will be executed by beheading.

*The mark of the beast will bring eternal death, while the mark of Adonai will bring redemption and eternal life.

Summary thus far: In the midst of the (yet future) time of the dedication of the Third Temple in Jerusalem, the anti-messiah will declare himself to be the one true deity of Israel and of all the nations, peoples, and families of the world. Then while the whole world is watching he will kill the two Elijah-like and Moses-like prophets. Immediately thereafter the counterfeit messiah will order the world populace to celebrate, along with the temple dedication, his being deified—-worshiped as being Adonai in human form. For the following three and one-half days the dead bodies of the two prophets of Adonai will be left on display at the site of the (newly dedicated) third temple so that the whole world might (simultaneously) observe for themselves proof of the wicked one’s (temporary) victory over the two prophets.

As the two prophets rise from the dead there will be a great earthquake that will destroy the Third Temple.

Then next, after just three and one half days, with the entire world looking on, the two prophets will miraculously rise from the dead and ascend into heaven; at the same time a great earthquake will cause the entire temple mount and all of its celebrants to instantly be swallowed up by the earth; causing the peoples of the world to both fear Adonai and give glory to His name.

Thereafter, the complete destruction of the temple and (permanent) desecration of the temple site will prohibit any future sacrifices being offered anywhere in Jerusalem.

Abomination of Desolation will be erected in the Holy of Holies:

There are two reasons for Adonai permanently abolishing any sacrifice being offered in Jerusalem. First,  Adonai will always reject any sacrifice that attempts to be a substitute for the sacrifice of His Son (1, 2, 3). Second, in addition to all of their other sins we know that the false messiah and his prophet of lies will commit, they will blaspheme the Spirit of the Holy One by setting up the abomination of desolation (an image of the counterfeit messiah) in the third temple Holy of Holies (קֹדֶשׁ הַקֳּדָשִׁים‎). Therefore the (true) Messiah has already prophesied about this and He has given advanced warning to those who will be in Jerusalem at this (yet future) time:

וכשתראו את השקוץ המשומם עומד במקום שאינו מקומו – על הקורא להבין – אזי הנמצאים ביהודה, שינוסו אל ההרים. פ

“When you see the Abomination of Desolation which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing where it should not be, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), then those who are in Yehudah of Yisra’el must *flee to the mountains.”

*Therefore, we see that there are two reasons for fleeing away from the region of Judah when one actually sees that a statute of the false messiah, who comes in his own name (בשם עצמו-אותו), is being erected in the most holy place.

Reason #1.  The erecting of the idol in the most holy place of the third temple will immediately signal the beginning of a time of great testing, the second half of the seven year period of Jacob’s Trouble (וְעֵֽת־צָרָה הִיא לְיַֽעֲקֹב), for all who will choose to refuse to worship the image of the beast (the counterfeit messiah). All in Judah should flee because shortly thereafter those who refuse to worship the image will be executed by beheading.

Reason #2.  Anyone who will be in Jerusalem at the time of the desecration of the third temple should know that just three and one half days after the image of the beast is erected in the most holy place—when the two prophets are resurrected from the dead—a great earthquake will cause the (desecrated) temple and everyone attending its closing day of dedication to be swallowed up (alive; 1, 2) by the earth.

A detestable, disgusting, foul, defiling act:

An abomination is a foul, detestable thing. The Hebrew word that abomination is translated from is shikootz (שִׁקּוּץ). This word refers to what is disgusting, filthy, foul and detestable, a thing that pollutes people and the environment.

In the prophecy of the prophet Daniel (1, 2, 3) this word refers to the fashioning of an idol, the setting up of an object of worship in a sacred, dedicated, holy place reserved only for the worship of Adonai. It also refers to the actual act of the people of the world worshiping an idol at the previously sacred site of the Temple Mount.

The abomination of desolation includes the twin works of crafting the idol and believing in the ultimate lie that the anti-messiah (indwelt by Satan) is Adonai. The abomination is an idolatrous act and image that utterly desecrates and defiles the temple location by the people of all the world blasphemously claiming that the indwelling spirit of this false deity (the counterfeit messiah) is the Spirit of the Holy One; when in fact the indwelling spirit of this (near future) wicked one is the evil one himself (ha-satan).

This disgusting, detestable prophetic event in view here is that day when the wicked spirit of the evil one (indwelling the *anti-messiah) will be worshiped on the sacred Temple Mount in Jerusalem as if he were the Spirit of the Holy One (Ruach Ha-Kodesh). [*Recommend you read about the time when Antiochus IV Epiphanes desecrated the Temple in Jerusalem. See Messiah in Chanukkah]

Spiritual and physical desolation:

The Hebrew word translated desolation is shamem (שֹׁמֵ֑ם). This Hebrew word is principally used by the prophet Daniel to communicate the horror, destruction, waste and ruin that will result from the blasphemous acts that will be committed on the Temple Mount during the reign of the false-messiah, soon to come. In the time of the false messiah the world will be shocked, horrified, appalled, and terror stricken (שֹׁמֵ֑ם-shamem) when the two witnesses miraculously resurrect and ascend into heaven.

As stated previously, the Divine judgment will immediately fall upon the temple mount in the form of an earthquake that will destroy the temple precinct, instantly killing 7,000 of the false messiah’s followers. Ironically, these devoted followers of the anti-messiah will have been joyously celebrating their recently deified leader’s short lived victory over the two witnesses.

As already stated above the three and one half days of global celebration (where like the celebratory winter feast of Chanukkah gifts will be exchanged), will swiftly and dramatically come to an end when the two witnesses are gloriously resurrected and triumphantly ascend into heaven. Thereafter, according to Adonai’s judgment, the idolaters of the false-messiah will immediately be condemned to a shameful death, swallowed up by the earth, with their souls made to descend directly into sheol (cf. 1, 2, 3, 4).

Three and one half years:

Prophetically we see that in the time it took in days for the two witnesses to be raised from the dead (three and one half days) so it will be exactly three and one half years later (after the abomination of desolation event) that the true Messiah will return to earth to permanently end the rule of the evil one through his false messiah-king and usher in the real kingdom of Adonai.

It is important to note the irony of the justice of Adonai.

Adonai long ago encouraged the first Elijah to exercise true faith in Him by His preserving alive 7,000 true followers of Himself (who would not bow their knees to Baal). However, here false belief is greatly discouraged by Adonai by harshly judging 7,000 false followers who did bow their knees to the Baal of the false-messiah.

The 7,000 followers of the false-deity will perish in the Temple Mount earthquake.

This harsh punishment is for the false worshipers’ claim (blasphemy) that their anti-messiah is indwelt by the Holy One when in fact—he is indwelt with the evil one. It is important to observe in this prophetic narrative that in the exact manner (measure) that the unrighteous judge the innocent, so will Adonai Eloheinu (the LORD our God) pronounce judgment upon the wicked.

The Law of Reciprocity:

Therfore, after the Conquering Messiah ben David returns at the end of the seven year time of Jacob’s Trouble, we discover:

החיה נתפסה ואתה נביא השקר שעשה את האותות לפניה והתעה באמצעותם את מקבלי תו החיה ואת המשתחוים לצלמה; השנים השלכו חיים אל אגם האש הבוער בגפרית.  פ

“And the beast was seized, and with him the prophet of lies (נביא השקר) who performed the signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast [מקבלי תו החיה-they became recipients of the beastly (החיה-literally “the animal”) character of the wicked one] and those who bowed down (המשתחוים-prostrate) to his image; these two were thrown alive into the lake of fire (אגם האש) which burns with sulfur.”

The Great Deception:

Why are the anti-messiah and the false prophet (a special priest-prophet helper of his) treated in this harsh manner?

Question:  What insult, what great lie could these two men have committed together against Adonai and His righteous ones (tzaddikim) that would make it necessary for them to be publicly humiliated before all of the world populace and then thrown alive into the Lake of Fire?

Answer:  The false-messiah and his false prophet personally blaspheme Adonai but they also slander his children by judging us as being blasphemers. When those of us who are the true followers of Adonai Avinu suddenly and mysteriously disappear from this earth the false-messiah will rise up and offer the world his own explanation of our sudden disappearance (i.e. translation into heaven; cf. precedence of Enoch and Elijah). The satanic false-messiah and his prophet of lies (נביא השקר) will speak a great and slanderous lie about those of us who are the true and beloved children of Adonai. They will falsely claim to the world populace that those of us who are the true children of Adonai are really demonized heretics in disguise.

Therefore, the evil one will inspire his false-messiah and prophet of lies to claim that Adonai Himself, in an instant, had thrown those of us who are His true and beloved children “alive into the lake of fire which burns with sulfer.”

Question:  Therefore, what do you think will happen when the (future) entire world populace begins to believe “The Lie” that they too might experience a similar horrible fate if they don’t immediately and completely renounce all of the doctrines of the condemned followers of Yeshua who believe that salvation is solely derived from the perfecting Grace of Adonai; and not from our own (imperfect) works?

The Message of the Testimony of the Salvation of Adonai (cf. 1, 2, 3):

אך אם נסתרת בשורתנו, נסתרת היא לאובדים. אל העולם הזה עור את שכלם של הבלתי מאמינים לבל יזרח עליהם אור הבשורה של כבוד המשיח אשר הוא צלם האלהים. הרי לא על עצמנו אנו מכריזים, אלא על המשיח ישוע כאדון, ואלו על עצמנו כעל עבדיכם למען ישוע. האלהים האומר “יופע אור מחשך” הוא הגיה אור בלבנו להאיר דעת על-אודות כבוד אלהים אשר בפניו של המשיח.  פ

And even if our besorah (בשורתנו-good news message) is hidden (נסתרת-veiled), it is hidden to those who are perishing (לאובדים-to the lost ones). In whose case the [false] deity of this world (אל העולם-literally “god of this age”) has blinded the minds of the unbelieving, so that they might not see the light of the good news of the glory of Messiah (הבשורה של כבוד המשיח), who is the Tselem Ha-Elohim (צלם האלהים-the Image of God). It is not about ourselves that we proclaim, but about Messiah Yeshua as Lord, and ourselves as your servants (עבדיכם) for the sake of Yeshua (יֵשׁוּעַ-the Salvation of Adonai). For Adonai (Elohim) says, “He shall shine light out of darkness,” He is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light (האור) of the knowledge (דעת) of the glory of God (כבוד אלהים) in the face of the Messiah (בפניו של המשיח).

Answer:  In the time of the counterfeit messiah the unbelieving will foolishly turn away from the good news Message of the Grace of Adonai. They will reject the Messiah Yeshua and His mark of redemption (the Hebrew mark of the tav); instead they will embrace the lie. They will profess the false messiah (the beast) to be God in human form; and they will accept his mark of the beast that brings with it separation forever (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) from the true and Living God (Elohim Chayim).

The global rejection of the Message of the Grace of God:

In believing this Great Lie of the evil one nearly all the people of the world will then become terrified to risk believing-in and walking in the teaching of Messiah that is the Way of the Spirit (i.e.the Living Torah):

This false teaching will then bring about the ultimate “beheading” of Adonai’s doctrine of grace (chesed, chen, chanan).

In fear the deceived peoples of the world (ha-olam) will reject outright (as heresy) the saving doctrine of Adonai’s redemption through Messiah and His gift of the Spirit of Grace who Indwells His people.

The end-time daughter of Herodias will ask for the Grace of Adonai to be cut-off and handed over to her on a platter.

Like Herodias (who succeeded in having the prophet Yochanan ben Zechariah beheaded), the earth’s rebellious and unbelieving populace (like Salome, the daughter of Herodias) will begin to help the false-messiah hate, search out, find, abuse, persecute and destroy both the message and the messengers of the Grace of Adonai:

The name of the martyred prophet Yochanan ben Zechariah means the “Endowment of the Grace of Adonai.”

In this way, immediately following the miraculous ascension of the followers of Messiah into heaven, an international movement of demonic spirituality (a modern Herodias and Salome) will spring up that will embrace as its mission the permanent severing of Adonai’s Besorah of the Grace of Adonai from the entire body of tolerated religions and philosophical beliefs. Therefore, it is this great global apostasy of man’s religious and secular beliefs that will set up the rapid three and one-half year promotion of the false-Messiah from the status of a common man to the ascended status of a false-divinity.

The rapid rise of faith in the anti-torah of the false shepherd:

The global severing of Messiah’s Message of the Grace of Adonai from the body of acceptable belief—at the outset of the time of the seven year Great Tribulation of Jacob’s Trouble—will ultimately pave the way for the world to believe anti-messiah’s blasphemous mid-tribulation (three and one half years or 42 months) lie that he is the one true Adonai.

Building upon the anti-messiah and his false prophet’s Great Lie about the besorah of the Grace being a damnable heresy, all the world’s populace will be willing to embrace exclusive faith in the deified satanic messiah. After placing their complete faith in this false deity, when these deceived persons receive the mark of the beast (a permanent marking on their hand or forehead):

The counterfeit messiah’s spiritual followers will be permanently sealed to him.

Persecution of those who refuse to believe in the counterfeit-messiah:

These satanic followers will wholeheartedly and zealously reject, persecute, and destroy all other competing philosophies, beliefs and religions. Therefore, once the wicked shepherd declares himself to be God:

Freedom of speech and belief will cease to exist anywhere in the world.

The universal penalty for not receiving the mark of the Beast will be death. Martyrdom will occur for those who refuse to put their faith solely in the false-messiah. They will be beheaded.

The satan-indwelt Beast and his global reign of terror:

Profess the evil one to be your deity or else his servants will savagely torture, torment and behead you.

Once he proclaims himself to be God in human form, there will be no limit to his sadistic cruelty. His cruelty and violence will surpass that of every other satanic dictator who has ever lived. The man of peace who will brilliantly delude the world into trusting him in the first half of Jacob’s Trouble. Then in the second half of the seven year period (three and one half years) the cruel one will become a sadistic, savage, depraved, satan-indwelt beast.

For all of these reasons Shiloh will return as HaPalat and HaShofet:

For all of these reasons the Messiah will return to earth a second time as the Deliverer (Ha-Palat) and the Judge (Ha-Shofet). Isaiah prophesies of this when he says of the return of the Messiah (Isaiah):

וְהָיָה בַּיֹּום הַהוּא יִפְקֹד ה’ עַל־צְבָא הַמָּרֹום בַּמָּרֹום וְעַל־מַלְכֵי הָאֲדָמָה עַל־הָאֲדָמָֽה׃ וְאֻסְּפוּ אֲסֵפָה אַסִּיר עַל־בֹּור וְסֻגְּרוּ עַל־מַסְגֵּר וּמֵרֹב יָמִים יִפָּקֵֽדוּ׃ וְחָֽפְרָה הַלְּבָנָה וּבֹושָׁה הַֽחַמָּה כִּֽי־מָלַךְ ה’ צְבָאֹות בְּהַר צִיֹּון וּבִירוּשָׁלִַם וְנֶגֶד זְקֵנָיו כָּבֹֽוד׃ פ

“So it will happen in that day,
That Adonai will punish the host of heaven on high
And the kings of the earth on earth.
They will be gathered together
Like prisoners in the dungeon (literally, “pit”),
And will be confined in prison;
And after many days they will be punished.
Then the moon will be abashed and the sun ashamed,
For Adonai Tseva’ot will reign on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem,
And His glory will be before His elders.”


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